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Download G8870ZHU4CTF2 Android 10 Firmware For Galaxy A8s 2019 SM-G8870 + Guide

Galaxy A8s 2019 SM-G8870 received a new G8870ZHU4CTF2 Android 10 firmware recently in Hong Kong. You can download G8870ZHU4CTF2 Android 10 firmware from below for a manual update. This new firmware comes with the latest June 2020 security patches. If your smartphone still running on an old security patch then you can use this firmware to update it. If you yet to receive the firmware as an OTA update then read the rest of the article carefully for a manual update.

Latest ZHU4CTF2 Android 10 official firmware update can be installed on Galaxy A8s 2019 SM-G8870 via OTA or KIES. Apart from these two official processes, you can also update your Galaxy A8s 2019 SM-G8870 to G8870ZHU4CTF2 Android 10 stock firmware by downloading it and flashing it manually. A step by step installation guide is available below.

Remember, you can only flash this firmware through Odin, don't try flashing using custom recoveries such as CWM recovery or TWRP recovery. Continue reading this guide to learn how to flash G8870ZHU4CTF2 Android 10 firmware on Galaxy A8s 2019 SM-G8870.

Galaxy A8s 2019 Latest Firmware Update

Step By Step Guide To Update Samsung Galaxy A8s 2019 SM-G8870 To G8870ZHU4CTF2 Android 10 Stock Firmware

Warning: This tutorial is only for Galaxy A8s 2019 SM-G8870. Don’t try this guide on any other Android device. Also, ShizHub Team isn't responsible for any damage caused due to the instruction given on this page. Try this at your own risk. However, it is very unlikely that your device will be damaged if you follow all the instructions as it is which are mentioned in the procedure.

Details of the Firmware :

  • Device Name: Galaxy A8s 2019
  • Model Number: SM-G8870
  • Baseband Version: G8870ZHU4CTF2
  • Security Patch Level: 01.06.2020
  • Android OS: 10

How To Update Galaxy A8s 2019 SM-G8870 via OTA

  1. First of all, make sure you have a stable internet connection (Wi-Fi or data network) on your device.
  2. Now, go to the Android app drawer and then select Settings.
  3. Then locate About Device and tap on it.
  4. Next select Software update from About device screen.
  5. Then tap on the Update option.
  6. You should see an update, press OK to download and install. (Remember, download using 3G or network data will incur additional charges to your phone bill!)
  7. Soon your device will reboot to complete the installation process.

If you see “The latest update have already been installed” message while checking update then your device yet to receive an OTA update. Check back within a few days or jump to the next procedure.

How To Update Galaxy A8s 2019 SM-G8870 via Kies

  1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection on your computer.
  2. Now download and install Samsung Kies on your computer.
  3. Turn on your device (if it off) and then connect it to a computer with USB cable.
  4. Run Samsung Kies and wait for it to detect your device.
  5. You should see a New Firmware Upgrade is available at Samsung Kies home screen.
  6. Press the Firmware Upgrade button to proceed.
  7. Follow on-screen instruction and soon you will see your device running upgrade and reboot automatically. Once done, you can disconnect your device from a computer.
Again! If you see “This is the latest firmware” in Samsung Kies, then your device yet to receive the latest update on Kies. It's a good time to go for manual update instruction located below.

Download G8870ZHU4CTF2 Firmware From Below

[Resumable and Torrent link will only be added when available from trusted source]



[Please Note: After flashing this firmware you will lose any installed custom ROM including LineageOS 16, crDroid, MoKee, Pixel Experience, Resurrection Remix, Dirty Unicorns, Omni ROM, AICP, and Paranoid Android.]

Pre Requisites :

Though official firmware restores all existing data but we recommend to back up your data first before proceeding to avoid any uncomfortable situation such as bootloop fix.
1. Backup your device data. You can follow our ultimate backup guide.
2. Make sure your device has at least 40% battery power.
3. You already have USB Driver Installed for Galaxy A8s 2019 SM-G8870 in your PC.  You can always manually download USB driver from our latest USB driver download page.
4. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled otherwise you won’t able to transfer file between PC and mobile. You can follow our USB Debugging enable guide.

Manual Installation Instructions :

As said earlier, manual installation requires Odin tool. You also need the right firmware for your model and the device itself. Below we have put up the tutorial that you can follow and manually flash the latest June 2020 firmware that available for Samsung Galaxy A8s 2019 SM-G8870.

Congrats! You just updated your Galaxy A8s 2019 SM-G8870 to Android 10 firmware. Go to Settings > About device to verify this firmware update.

Fix Boot Loop Issue On Galaxy A8s 2019 SM-G8870

If Galaxy A8s 2019 SM-G8870 stuck at booting animation for more than 10 minutes after the installation process then follows below instructions:
  1. Go to recovery mode. To do so, first, turn off your Galaxy A8s 2019 SM-G8870 then press and hold Volume Up, Bixby, and Power button together. Leave the Power button once the phone turns on, while still keeping the Bixby and Volume Up buttons pressed. Let go of the rest of the buttons when you see the Recovery screen.
  2. Now perform Wipe data/Factory Reset and Wipe Cache Partition task before selecting reboot system now function. In recovery mode use Volume keys to navigate between options and Power key to select the option.
Please note, performing wiping task will erase your device internal memory data and not external SD card data.

That’s it! Let us know about your latest Android 10 experience.


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