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Download Latest USB Driver For Android Phones/Tablets–Complete List & Alternatives

You must have a proper USB Driver installed to connect your Android device with your computer to perform various task. The task of this software piece is simple, its allow you to access your Android phone or tablet right from your computer. No mater you use Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony or LG Android smartphone or tablet, you must install USB drivers to transfer data such as photos, videos, mp3 between your computer and smartphone. A driver also required to set up ADB/Fastboot properly. In this page I’m trying to explore all possible ways through which you can download and install USB driver that support your device.

The below list will help you to download the driver either from manufacturer website or from file host. I also added few tools that may simplify the task at later part of this article. This tools are known as universal USB/ADB driver installer and is very useful for those who didn’t find a driver or find difficulties to install the driver.

If you are a Windows user then the Operating System usually download and install the driver automatically once you connect your phone for first time. Mac OSx and Linux user may download the driver from manufacturer website if available.

Download Android USB Driver (Android Phone and Tablet)

Google: Download Nexus Device Driver

Samsung: Download Samsung USB Drivers or Download Samsung KIES

Sony: Download Sony USB Drivers for Android device

HTC: Download HTC USB Drivers

LG: Download LG USB Drivers

Motorola: Download Motorola USB Drivers

ASUS: Download ASUS USB Drivers or Download ASUS PC Suite (comes with driver)

Huawei: Download HiSuite (drivers included)

ZTE: Download ZTE USB Drivers

Acer: Download Acer USB Drivers

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH: Download Alcatel One Touch Drivers

Dell: Download Dell USB Drivers

Fujitso: Download Fujitso USB Drivers

Hisense: Download Hisense USB Drivers

Intel: Download Intel USB Drivers

Kyocera: Download Kyocera USB Drivers

Lenevo: Download Lenevo USB Drivers

Pegatron: Download Pegatron USB Drivers

Sharp: Download Sharp USB Drivers

SK Telesys: Download SK Telesys USB Drivers

Teleepoch: Download Teleepoch USB Drivers

Toshiba: Download Toshiba USB Drivers

XiaomiDownload Xiaomi USB Drivers

The list is surely not complete. As Android is free OS and manufacturer don’t need to pay unless they want a Google Play Store license, we witness a countless regional Android manufacturer. That’s why its hard to list all manufacturer’s USB driver link. However, to make thing simple I’m going to discuss few tools that most likely help you to install necessary driver. But before that, here is a quick instruction for those who downloaded USB driver from manufacturer website, run that executable file but Windows still not able to recognize your driver. I’m taking a Samsung device as an example but it can be any Android smartphone or tablet.

How To Install USB Driver Manually in Windows OS

The method I’m going to discuss is ‘have disk’ method. You can visit YouTube and search for ‘manual USB driver installation Windows’ to get a better understanding.
  1. First of all you need to uninstall previous USB driver for your device if there is any. To do this, go Program and Features >> Device Manager.
  2. Unpack downloaded USB driver archive at a convenient location in your computer. For example in C: drive.
  3. Switch your Samsung smartphone in download mode and connect it to computer using USB cable. You can directly connect any other manufacturer Android device.
  4. You phone should now discovered by Windows with a name, say ‘Gadget Serial’ device.
  5. Go to Windows Device Manager. Right click on the device your phone has been discovered as (e.g. "Gadget Serial") and choose "Update driver" option from the context menu.
  6. Choose "Search my Computer...", check "Include subfolders" option and point the updater to the folder where you've had unpacked the drivers .rar or .zip archive to, eg. C:USB_Driver.
  7. The driver should install automatically.
  8. It may happen that after the installation some new "unknown device" (for example, say "Samsung Modem") would appear in the Device Manager. Complete 6 & 7 step for that device and any other new device that may appear afterwards.
  9. Restart your computer.
That’s it! You successfully installed USB driver for your Android device. It’s time to discuss about tools that may help you to simplify the task. Remember, always uninstall previous manufacturer USB driver (if any) before trying these tools.

1. Universal ADB Driver By Kush

The well known Android developer Kush had developed an universal ADB driver that support many Android device and most likely support yours if you unable to find your manufacturer name in above list. Download Universal ADB Driver By Kush

2. ADB Driver Installer

This is another USB driver solution for you. It comes with a good GUI interface and support all known manufacturer. You can try it too if another solution not work. However, just like Universal ADB Driver this one also made for Windows OS. Download ADB Driver Installer

3. Universal Naked Driver

This will be another helpful solution for those who using Nexus, Samsung, ASUS or HTC smartphone. This utility designed to install both ADB and Fastboot driver where for Samsung devices it can install APX driver. Download Universal Naked Driver


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